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Turbine Theatre

March 2023

Producer: Bill Kenwright + Paul Taylor Mills

Director: Hannah Chissick

Choreographer: Aaron Renfree

Set + Lighting Designer: Andrew Exeter

Sound Design: Alistair Pennman

Video Design: Andrew Exeter + Andy Walton

Set Construction - Steve Martlew, Set Blue Scenery & Stuart Yeatman

Scenic Painters - Rah Petherbridge, George Alexander Thompson & Cee Winn

Production Electrics - Harrison Routledge & Ryan Tate

Design Assistant - Morgan Toole 

Video Engineer - Benji Godley

Comic Book Illustrator - Nick Ashton

Thanks to Paul at GetReadyComics for sponsoring the comic books in the foyer 

Lighting & Truss Hire: Limelight Limited 

Video Wall: Andy Walton & Evolution Productions 

Sound Hire: Orbital Sound & 3D Productions

Photography: Pamela Raith

 S E T + L I G H T I N G   D E S I G N 
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